Customer experience focus

WHAT? (product essential)
Customer experience focus
WHY? (motivation) and / or WHAT FOR? (purpose)
To develop the ability of all learners to influence and contribute to building unique and memorable experiences in attending and dealing with customers.
HOW? (modalities)
By learning and practicing:
1. Indicators of the customer-oriented attitude:
  • “Voice language” (tone, volume, rhythm, flow, accent, pause, diction)
  • “Body language” (gesture, mimics, posture, proxemics, semiotics)
  • “Word magic” / “Controversial” words and phrases in addressing the client / Elimination of the technical jargon
2. Building a solid basis of relationship with new and existing clients:
  • Identifying the communication style preferred by the customer
  • Frequent “traps” in communicating with customers
3. Developing the customer-oriented attitude:
  • The perception and dominant mode of the client’s “processing” his/her own experiences
  • Building a “resonance ratio” with a customer; input on the same wavelength
  • In-depth listening to the customer’s wishes, to all the “centres” of communication
  • Constructive milestones to influence the interaction with the customer
  • Personalizing interaction and building responses and unique solutions for the customer
4. Relationship with “difficult” or “dissatisfied” customers:
  • How to avoid the transfer of emotional status, without “taking it personally”
  • Using alternatives to customers’ requests and “complaints”
  • Assertive formulation of the message to all four centres of communication
5. Notions of Key Account Management in relationships with any type of client:
  • Attire standard
  • Face-to-face communication standard
  • Phone „etiquette”
6. Up-sell and cross-sell

2 days

Diana Elena ONILA
Senior Trainer & Psiholog Consultant

She has over 10 years of experience in designing and delivering software training programs for clients from different industries, such as pharma, IT, HoReCa, FMCG, retail, financial-banking, telecom, manufacturing.

She provided over 500 hours of individual counselling and counselling in personal and professional development.

Other areas of practical experience are: psychological counselling, 360 evaluation and psychological testing, professional orientation, organizational diagnosis workshops.