Influencing out of responsibility

Why and what for?
For constructive influencing as the creator
of the relationship with oneself and the other.
By learning and practicing:
1. What is the “real” influencing and its bases:
  • Fundamental mechanism of influencing
  • Non-functional roles in influencing: the Victim, the Aggressor, the Hero
  • How can I recognize them? How can I get out of them?
  • How can I discover “my blind zone” of non-constructive influence?
  • What is covered and what is not covered in my area of constructive influence?
  • How do I exercise my sphere of constructive influence?
  • Roles from the area of constructive influence: Creator, Catalyst, Coach
  • How can I recognize them? How can I get into these roles?
  • How can I support others to exercise constructively their area of influence?
2. Influencing by authentic and constructive expression:
  • Model of authentic and incontestable expression
  • Word magic in constructive expression
3. Influencing by getting into the same wavelength:
  • How can I get to know the way in which the other one perceives the world, by means of their feelings?
  • How do I get into the same wavelength as the other? (verbal, nonverbal, paraverbal)?
4. Influencing through empathy and deep listening
  • How to increase my personal sphere of influence, beyond the listening filters
  • Model of deep listening (at all the communication levels)
  • What’s to be done when the interlocutor is simply “not listening”?
How much time?

2 days

Diana Elena ONILA
Senior Trainer & Psiholog Consultant

She has over 10 years of experience in designing and delivering software training programs for clients from different industries, such as pharma, IT, HoReCa, FMCG, retail, financial-banking, telecom, manufacturing.

She provided over 500 hours of individual counselling and counselling in personal and professional development.

Other areas of practical experience are: psychological counselling, 360 evaluation and psychological testing, professional orientation, organizational diagnosis workshops.