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We are agents of innovation in the field of personal development. Our programs are innovative, and they are designed from different interdisciplinary perspectives: business people, various industry experts, psychologists, journalists, nutritionists, physiotherapists and other specialists contribute devotedly to building development processes for people and companies.

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Leadership 10

Leadership 10

Development of the Person within the Leader
How would it be possible for people in your organization to see the solutions?
  • How could performance be the result of the contribution of all those involved? Yes, it is possible for the relationship between the employee and the employer to be a partnership, not subordination, and people could be happy to meet the company’s goals, because they want so, not because they have to.
  • Yes, it is possible for every employee to manifest in his/her area of ​​talent and passion.
  • This is why we have created Leadership 10 – a transformational program, made up of 10 modules, that tracks the development of the Leader, working with the Person within.


Training the will for performance
How would it be possible for all your wishes to be translated into achievable goals? How could you design a goal-oriented strategy, but tailored to your lifestyle? How can you free yourself from bad habits and learn how to build good ones?
  • Yes, you can focus your attention, do things twice faster and better, you can finish whatever you begin.
  • You can keep your energy for important things, even at the end of a busy week.
  • That’s why we created Willpower – a program that trains the will, develops the self-control and improves the performance.
Thus, one may acquire increased abilities to:
  • Focus one’s attention
  • Postpone impulses
  • Plan actions in order to achieve the goals




We deeply understand organizations and we develop tailored training programs, consistent with and in line with companies’ needs and values. From soft skills, to management and leadership, to selling skills and customer service, we are growing skills.

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Our expertise is based on emotional proximity, credibility and trust. From business, specialized or board consulting, we are genuine partners. We propose solutions to reorganize, streamline and develop business.

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We support people to learn about themselves and find inner resources to perform. Because not always the external factors determine the results. Through our coaching programs, we facilitate goal alignment and orientation towards process and results.

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We use evaluation tools to help customers make decisions to transfer, change or cancel a job, depending on the personality of the individuals. Following the evaluation, we propose solutions for transforming and improving employee performance.

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