Basic selling skills

WHAT? (product essential)
Basic Selling Skills
WHY? (motivation) and / or WHAT FOR? (purpose)
To develop the ability of participants to effectively go through the direct sales process on a competitive market.
By learning and practicing:
  • The profile of the potential customer – obtained from the profile of the “actual” customer
  • Methods of generating the constant flow of new customers
  • Building the procedure for activating new customers
  • Obtaining the meeting; the specifics of the prospecting visit
II. VISIT for a successful selling – steps:
1. Preparation:
  • Listing and planning the visits for specific customers
  • Reviewing / gathering information about the customer / product / competition
  • Setting the goals for the visit; visit structuring
2. Customer approach:
  • The right attitude for a successful approach
  • The algorithm for a bland and constructive approach
3. Identifying customer needs – considering the product:
  • Need exploration techniques: interrogation vs. active listening
4. Product presentation:
  • Presentation of product benefits in relation to customer needs
  • Use of materials / products in the presentation
  • Preparing the introduction of the price; announcement of the price
5. Objection solving:
  • When do objections occur?
  • Types of objections
  • The right attitude to objections
  • Objection management and constructive influence techniques
6. Negotiation:
  • Strategies & negotiation techniques
  • Negotiating with difficult people
7. Selling closure:
  • Identifying purchasing signals
  • Closure techniques
  • What’s to be done after the customer says YES / NO
8. Visit analysis
III. FOLLOW-UP and recovery of the money from the customer
IV. Building consumer’s LOYALTY:
  • Developing the interpersonal relationship
  • Personalizing the offer; building customized solutions for the customer
  • Rewarding loyalty
  • Simplifying the relationship and the contact with the company

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