Consultative Selling

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WHAT? (product essential)
Consultative Selling
WHY? (motivation) and / or WHAT FOR? (purpose)
To develop the capability of learners to efficiently apply the principles and instruments of consultative selling in a manner adapted to the customer’s typology.
HOW? (modalities)
By learning and practicing:
1. Introduction:
  • Aligning sales to the dynamics of changes in the business environment / Definition of consultative modern sales / Elements that play an important role in modern consultative sales
2. Consultative sales adapted to customer’s typology:
  • “Thomas”-type customers – identifying behaviours and needs
2.1. The right approach for every type of “Thomas” customer
2.2. Identification of needs through interrogative techniques oriented towards the Situation / Problem / Implications / Needs:
  • How to use SPIN questions for every type of customer? / How to pass from one SPIN step to another?
2.3. Promoting benefits according to the needs of every customer type through the C(characteristics) A(advantages) B(benefits) method
2.4. Common objections to each type of “Thomas” customer and their solutions
2.5. Closing the selling when dealing with a Dominant / Influent / Stable / Compliant customer
3. Farming elements:
  • Building unique solutions for the client / Developing long-term interpersonal relationships / Rewarding loyalty / Constructive management of discomfort in the relationship with “unpopular” customers / How can we take advantage of the comfort of dealing with “popular” clients / Optimal balance between formal and informal when dealing with a customer
4. Efficiency of sales according to sales assistants’ potential:
  • Evaluation of the potential of sales assistants based on the “Sales Audit” Report, Thomas International
  • Action plan for each sales assistant



2 days

Dragos Ion
Managing Partner Senior Consultant, Trainer & Coach

With over 22 years of professional experience including 20 years of delivering training programs to middle and top management in retail, financial, banking, telecom, auto, pharma, HoReCa, manufacturing, IT.

He has provided over 300 hours of both individual and group executive coaching, as well as managerial consultancy sessions.

He was involved in organizing and coordinating the first business simulation in Romania with the famous business school INSEAD, France.