Public speaking

triple perspective

WHAT? (product essential)
Public speaking from triple perspective (journalistic, psychological and business)
WHY? (motivation) and / or WHAT FOR? (purpose)
To effectively present ideas, results, projects or any other content in front of an audience.
HOW? (modalities)
By learning and practicing:
1. Audience: Knowing and stimulating audience interest / Credibility and authenticity during presentation, capturing, maintaining and influencing the audience’s attention:
2. Building and sustaining the presentation:
  • How to build and organize an impact presentation, taking into account the purpose and audience
  • How to get an attractive and easy to follow structure:
  • Beginning: First minute information
  • Contents: monologue-”breaking” techniques
  • Conclusion: last minute information
3. Emotions: The source of all emotions and their management for an authentic presentation with ease / Constructive emotions (What do you do before you start?)
4. Communication beyond words:
  • What do you communicate non-verbally without realizing? / Who to use your head, posture, eye contact and voice to support your presentation? / Diction and voice quality – essential elements
5. How do I get into the same wavelength as the audience?
  • Gaining and developing a strong relationship with the audience
  • Strategies and persuasion resources
  • Raising awareness and inspiring the public to act
6. Interaction with the audience:
  • Efficient interaction with one person, while maintaining live the attention of the whole audience; Managing objections;
  • Managing the interventions that “sabotage” the presentation (deviation / monopoly / delays / jokes / interruptions etc.

2 days (course)

Diana Elena ONILA
Senior Trainer & Psiholog Consultant

She has over 10 years of experience in designing and delivering software training programs for clients from different industries, such as pharma, IT, HoReCa, FMCG, retail, financial-banking, telecom, manufacturing.

She provided over 500 hours of individual counselling and counselling in personal and professional development.

Other areas of practical experience are: psychological counselling, 360 evaluation and psychological testing, professional orientation, organizational diagnosis workshops.

Melania Medeleanu
Jurnalist & Trainer Public Speaking

She completed a master program in Logopedic Therapy (Bucharest University) and one in Communication and Public Relations (SNSPA).

She has worked for many years with the best political analysts in Romania. She hosted several important events and is experienced in working with opinion makers and high-level politicians.

Melania uses her experience in television to teach the students to get a good diction and to become excellent speakers.

Dragos Ion
Managing Partner Senior Consultant, Trainer & Coach

With over 22 years of professional experience including 20 years of delivering training programs to middle and top management in retail, financial, banking, telecom, auto, pharma, HoReCa, manufacturing, IT.

He has provided over 300 hours of both individual and group executive coaching, as well as managerial consultancy sessions.

He was involved in organizing and coordinating the first business simulation in Romania with the famous business school INSEAD, France.