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We are iD learning. We offer Training, Consulting, Coaching and Evaluation for people who want to learn about themselves and for people who want to invest in people.

From communication and coaching sessions, to management and selling training, to courses for the development of the relationship skills with other people, we support continuous learning.


For over 15 years, we have been supporting those who want to learn about themselves, to gain and increase performance. We are dedicated and focused on innovative, efficient and integrated solutions that lead to changes both “from the inside to the outside” and vice versa. We believe that really important and lasting things happen over time.

That’s why we grow every year and we add new services to our portfolio, tailored to the requirements of our customers.


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Our team

Dragoș Ion

Managing Partner
Senior Consultant, Trainer & Coach

For the past 15 years, Dragoş Ion has been the coordinator of iD learning- one of the first companies to develop mindset changing programs in the organizational environment of Romania and Moldova.

The success of the “Leadership 10” project is truly remarkable, a project in which Dragoş contributes to the implementation of a leadership concept with in-depth effects at both individual and organizational level. From his role as a trainer, coach, mentor and consultant, Dragos supports the mindset growth in leaders from a wide range of industries, with effects in individual and managerial performance.

He is the promoter of a leadership model that values each team member’s contributions in the talent and excellence area.

Diana Elena Onilă

Senior Trainer & Psychologist Consultant

She has over 10 years of experience in designing and delivering soft skills training programs for clients from different industries, such as pharma, IT, HoReCa, FMCG, retail, financial-banking, telecom, manufacturing.

She provided over 500 hours of individual counselling and counselling in personal and professional development.

Other areas of practical experience are: psychological counselling, 360 evaluation and psychological testing, professional orientation, organizational diagnosis workshops.

Manuela Iacob

Psychologist Consultant
Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Manuela is responsible for iD Learning Customer Management.

She is the customer’s partner  to understand their training and development needs and objectives. She is responsible for developing and executing strategic plan to achieve sales targets and expand our customer base.

Manuela combines her expertise in the business area, gaining experience as a specialist in the implementation of professional development and evaluation projects, with psychological expertise gained from advanced clinical psychology and psychotherapy studies.

She has over 6 years of experience in applied psychology and she actively contributes to the creation of training tools aimed at unlocking the human potential and applying it to achieve business performance.

She is a practicing psychologist in the field of “Clinical Psychology and Integrative Psychotherapy”.

She has a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and Victimology, working as a forensic psychologist.

Florin Iovu

Senior Consultant & Trainer

Florin stands out in his activity through his 20 years of experience in the corporate environment in the IT industry.

He has held various roles, starting from working in the consulting area and continuing in executive management roles in companies such as Microsoft or Oracle.

The training area comes to complement the experience in consulting and sales, Florin being part of the Leadership 10 trainers team.

Melania Medeleanu

Jurnalist & Trainer Public Speaking

She completed a master program in Logopedic Therapy (Bucharest University) and one in Communication and Public Relations (SNSPA).

She has worked for many years with the best political analysts in Romania. She hosted several important events and is experienced in working with opinion makers and high-level politicians.

Melania uses her experience in television to teach the students to get a good diction and to become excellent speakers.

Laura Balaci

Leadership & Executive Coach

Laura brings into her professional career in coaching over 20 years of experience in various leading roles in the corporate environment with specializations in marketing, indirect sales, in-house sales and training.

In 2015 he discovered professional coaching seeking to support those who want to be better at what they do and have the urge to aim higher. Since then, he has continued to improve and evolve as well as those with whom he works.

Laura is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), an ANC coach, NLP Coach, Associate Coach ICI, Certified Leadership & Executive Coach with Center for Executive Coaching US. He is an active ICF member and ICF Romania.

Its areas of expertise focus on challenges in leadership and transitions: motivation and involvement to achieve superior, measurable and sustainable results, increased productivity, time and stress management, change management, transition to a new position / industry / career.

Claudius Dociu

Trainer Public Speaking & Jurnalist

Claudius Dociu is journalist known especially in Prahova, from the radio and television programs hosted by him. A communication specialist, he is one of the best-known trainers in the field, the founder of the first Public Speaking Club and the author of the “Art of Public Speech”, as well as of the “SPEAK SMART!” audiobook.

After 1989, he took part in the launching of the first independent daily newspaper in Prahova, and he has been one of the most respected radio and television hosts in the last two decades, at radio stations such PRO FM Ploiesti, FM REALITY and WYL FM, as well as at television stations such as VPTV or TRAVEL MIX.

As a partner of the “Magic in Speech” project, he moderated and supported public speaking workshops alongside well-known names in the field, and his courses helped many participants learn the secrets of speaking in public.

Bogdan Iftemie

Consultant & Senior Trainer

Bogdan has over 20 years experience in management and sales in IT industry.

He has sustained over 500 hours of training and business consulting, for Romanian and multinational organizations from various industries such as FMCG, IT, medical services, automotive, market research and real estate.

He is a Specialist in ANC coaching activity and has practical experience in coaching and mentoring. He is a John Maxwell Team certified trainer and speaker.

Diana – Elena Craciun

Psychologist Consultant

Diana joined ID Learning in 2020.

She is recommended by 14 years experience in HR, working in ​​Human Resources Management and education area, for 12 years, respectively 2 years. She worked in industries such as FMCG, retail, pharma and consulting.

She graduated  Psychology and Educational Sciences and a master’s degree in human resources. Currently she is a psychodramatist in training within the Association of Classic Morenian Psychodrama in Bucharest.

She is passionate about working with groups with over 4 years experience in designing and holding workshops based on action techniques.

Codrin Dan Nicolau

Trainer Project Management & Senior Consultant

Consultant with relevant experience as a Project Manager and business analyst in IT infrastructure projects and national applications, as well as process analysis and optimization.

Codrin has worked as a trainer and PM consultant in the project “Let’s Do It Romania”.

For 3 years he has been the Director at Large on Membership and Recruitment in the Project Management Institute Romania Chapter.

Codrin is accredited by CNFPA as Trainer, Project Manager and Process Enhancement Manager. He is a PhD graduate at UTCB. He holds an MBA and multiple certifications in business analysis. He also holds a Professional Certificate in Management (Open University, UK) and a Master in International Project Management within the SNSPA.

His areas of expertise are: Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Process Management, Organizational Risk Management.

Magda Niculescu

Senior consultant & Coach

Magda is Turnaround Executive Coach since 2010. She works with ambitious managers to achieve excellence, both as leaders, in their professional performance, and as accomplished people at all levels. In addition to coaching, she also advises and facilitates workshops or trainings.

The perceptions of coaching are a life philosophy for her, and they reflect as a deep inspiration for the people she works with: a constant aspiration of self improvement, exploration, and leaving something behind.

He specializes in business and leadership turnarounds, with an approach that starts from invisible bases (values, culture, purpose, authentic leadership, motivation) to measurable results (sales, profit). Magda’s cachet is “Transformational Coaching,” which defines the approach with the power of metamorphosis and “deep” results: durable, effective, effortless, and pervasive (D.E.E.P© – Durable, Effective, Effortless, Pervasive) The person does not substantially improve only the originally targeted development area, but in general, the way in which it manifests in any area of ​​life.

Her career as a coach followed after 15 years of leadership in the corporate environment with recognized multinational companies – Procter & Gamble and Mars, where she gained expertise in strategy, innovation, marketing, communication and general management.

She has two Master’s degrees in Finance (1994) and International Commerce (1995) at the École Supérieure des Affaires de Grenoble and a BA in Psychology at the University of Bucharest (2010). She was trained as a coach in the UK and the US and she has many other professional certifications.